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Stainless Steel Wood-Fired Water Heater                               


Our Japanese Style Wood Fired Hot Tub Heaters are precision built wood-burning water heaters designed specifically for hot tubs and above ground pools. They circulate water using the principal of thermosiphon (the pumping action created by rising hot water), eliminating the need for a circulating pump or electricity. This unique feature opens up a whole new range of possibilities for alternative hot tubs. Now you can have a basic soaking tub without pumps, chemicals, or high maintenance.

The wood fired hot tub water heater system is very inexpensive to operate (just the cost of wood). It is ideal in cottage country, where typically users enjoy the pleasures of a soak during weekends and holidays. Wood fired heating systems release considerable amounts of heat. Lake water can be heated to operating temperatures in as little as 1-3 hours depending on the starting temperature and size (volume) of tub. Available in three sizes (the small one is perfect for a 300-gallon tub) and the largest one will heat a pool!

With the Japanese Style Wood Fired Hot Tub Heaters you can have the basic soaking tub without the need for expensive pumps, unwanted harsh chemicals, or annoying high maintenance. You can easily retrofit an existing tub or put together a low-cost soaking tub, using our Cedar Wooden Hot Tubs or one of our durable colored stock tanks.

We recommend using a  200 to 300 gallon stock tank for your hot tub because... they are inexpensive, easy to drain and easy to clean and sanitize. We sell beautiful wood tubs or, one of our economical colored UV resistant poly tubs.



Installation requires these four basic steps:
(1) Preparing a brick or cement foundation next to the hot tub to receive the heater.
(2) Cutting holes in the side of the tub wall for thru-wall ports.
(3) Installing piping to connect heater and tub.
(4) Installing the stove pipe, (8 feet recommended)





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