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New PM (Permanent Magnet) Alternator Pelton Turbines          

Operates efficiently on heads of 10 to 600 feet

Operates efficiently on flows of 10 to 250 GPM

The typical American household consumes about 12 thousand watt hours per day (not including electricity to power heating loads), or about 500 watts per hour 24 hours a day on average (though this can be reduced to about 300 watts or even less, though careful conservation measures and by eliminating waste). There are times, however, when as much as 10,000 watts are needed, as when a refrigerator or well pump is started. An AC system cannot store energy and must be sized to meet this peak demand, requiring up to 40 times as much water as a similarly useful DC system. Smaller size saves money. Micro-hydro systems are matched to the average demand and extracts power the way that nature provides it, slow and steady.

HOW IT WORKS:                                                                                 

The Harris system is an efficient, durable battery charging Pelton turbine. It is especially well suited to produce usable power from springs and creeks that are too small to sustain the same level of useful power from a conventional AC generating system. Water is collected upstream from the hydro and piped downstream to where the turbine is located. As a rule the greater the head, (the difference in elevation between the collection point and the turbine is called the head) the better. Because DC power can be stored in batteries, these small systems operate 24 hours a day collecting energy, a little at a time, to be delivered "on demand" from the batteries as the need dictates. For conventional houses which utilize AC electricity an appropriate inverter is configured into the system to change the stored DC energy in the battery system into "AC House Current".

 Harris turbines are available with up to four nozzles!                   


The multiple nozzle arrangement allows much more water to impact the runner resulting in greater output at any head, and more usable power at lower heads. Multi-nozzle systems include a PVC penstock and individual ball valves on each nozzle.

The Pelton type runner is lost wax cast of silicon bronze. The wheel is 70 - 90% efficient, depending on nozzle size and head pressure. The bucket shape allows high efficiency for nozzles and provides a flow range of over 100/1. The wheel has a hydraulic diameter of just over 4.00". Each wheel is individually balanced.




How to determine Output:                                                                 

Turbine output is determined by four factors:

New4noz.jpg - 152134 Bytes1. Head, or vertical drop from source to turbine nozzle: Head can be measured with a transit or level and a measuring stick of known length in successive steps, - or - a quick pipe can be assembled from numerous garden hoses and the pressure can be measured with the hoses full of water. This, too, can be done in successive steps. 0.43 PSI. = 1 foot of head: 2.3 feet = 1 PSI

2. Flow in gallons per minute passing through nozzle: A temporary dam can be built to measure flow. By timing the filling of a container of known volume the flow can be determined. Care should be taken to not dry up creeks, but to leave enough water to maintain natural environmental balances.

3. Diameter, length and condition of feeder pipe: Generally, single nozzle systems with under 2000 feet of feeder pipe require a 2" pipe. A two nozzle system needs a 3" pipe and 4 nozzle systems require a 4" pipe. This will keep pipe losses under 25%. Please inquire about specific pipe losses for your site.

4. Turbine efficiency : Alternator systems are between 30% and 60% efficient.

Use this chart to approximate how much
power you can expect to generate from your water source.

Power Output (watts)
Head (feet) Flow Rate (GPM)
  3 6 10 15 20 30 50 100 200
25       25 40 60 130 230  
50     40 75 100 150 265 500 580
75   34 70 110 160 240 400 700 900
100   45 95 150 240 340 560 975 1300
200 40 120 200 300 480 650 1100 1500 2000
300 80 180 300 450 600 940 1500 2000
600 200 350 600 900 1200 1600 2000 2000

The Industry Standard, very simple and extremely reliable. Harris Hydros are manufactured (custom) site specific. Head 20' to 600'.


12volts DC maximum  700watts. 


24volts DC maximum 1400watts.


Harris Hydro P.M. hydro can produce up to 40% more power than equivalent alternator powered Hydros.


Upgrade any standard Harris hydro to a Permanent Magnet Generator ... Call 888-826-0939 to discuss.


Permanent Magnet Alternator

Volts DC


1 Nozzle

12, 24, or 48 volt DC



12, 24, or 48 volt DC



12, 24, or 48 volt DC


PM Alternator 12, 24, 48 volt DC $1059.97
Fan Kit   $75.97



System Components


Nozzle Tubes




Bronze Pelton Runner $309.97




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