Helio Pak 16 AC System


Helio-Pak Solar Water Heaters                                  

Freeze Protected for Year-round in Any Climate
These systems are the most proven, versatile and durable, protecting the collectors from freezing and hard water deposits. The collectors are filled with a special non-toxic high temperature antifreeze. The transfer of heat occurs inside a heat exchanger attached to the tank. The operation is both simple and safe and the system is protected against overheating and boil out.
Because the freeze protection does not depend on the draining of collectors, the installation is more versatile: collectors can be mounted above or below the tank, and without the collectors or lines having to slope.
These modular systems have a long history of trouble-free operation on homes, National and State Parks, campgrounds, fire stations, office buildings, dormitories, Navy housing, etc. and have proven themselves all across the U.S. and abroad, in the deserts, ocean fronts, and high mountains.
Several options include one or more Gobi collectors and standard Plug-in or solar electric powered pumps for near or remote locations.

Helio-Pak HP 16 AC        

This modular system is designed for easy installation even by the non-expert.

Each packaged system includes one or more Gobi collectors, mounting hardware, either for tilted or flat surfaces, the Helio-Pak 16 heat exchanger appliance shown at right, a non-toxic high-temperature antifreeze, and a few minor items such as air vent, safety cold water mixing valve, thermometers.

Also shown is a hot water storage tank, which can be added to the package or purchased locally. This system can also be retrofitted to an existing gas or electric hot water system, with the addition of a pair of "tees" on the tank.

The installer adds copper piping to connect the Helio-Pak to and from the collectors and to and from the tank, pipe insulation, and other minor installation materials.

These systems are crated and shipped anywhere and readily install in all areas with the help of a detailed Manual.

SRCC OG-300 certified

Complete System Pricing

All systems SRCC certified.

AC system includes Flush mount hardware, Blind unions, Heat transfer appliance with double walled heat exchanger.

Helio Pak AC with 1 4X8            PRICE    $1979.97

Helio Pak AC with 1 4X10          PRICE    $2099.97

Helio Pak AC with 2 3366          PRICE    $2499.97

Helio Pak AC with 2 4X8            PRICE    $2799.97

Helio Pak AC with 2 4X10          PRICE    $3719.97

Add Crating Fee (per complete system)       $89.00

     Larger systems available please inquire.