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Lakota 1KW Wind Turbine Generator                                                                   

Lakota Wind Turbine Generators Give Reliable Performance in Actual Field Operations.

Aerospace Grade Materials and Technology Give the Lakota Wind Turbine Robust Operating Qualities in Adverse Weather Conditions Year after Year.

In actual field operations, AEROMAX Lakota Wind Turbine Generators are proving highly reliable and dependable for end users. 

The Lakota Wind Turbine is built with advanced aerospace-grade materials and technology, which makes our units the highest quality in the industry.

After nine years in production and over 3,500 worldwide installations, the Lakota predecessor was completely re-engineered using advanced aerospace technology to produce the present-day Lakota. 

Today's aerospace-engineered Lakota Wind Turbine Generator now has two years of operation in actual field service with exceptional user performance.

Our Product Quality is the Highest in the Renewable Energy Industry 

The 20-year design life of our aerospace-engineered Lakota Wind Turbines will help you produce satisfied customers and word-of-mouth advertising. In addition, we offer an excellent factory warranty for our field-tested Lakota Wind Turbine Generators
Unprecedented Longest Warranty in the Industry.

7Year Warranty 5 Years Parts & Labor, 7 Years Blade Parts 

Warranty is available on units sold and installed in the U.S. All warranties are parts and labor carry-in service. Special export warranties are also available.

Light-Weight Blades Produce More Power at a Lower Cost

Our wind turbine is the industry leader in low wind speed startup.  The lightweight, low inertia Lakota Wind Turbine blades accelerate faster in changing winds, and start spinning in wind speeds as low as 6.5 mph.

With its lightweight low inertia blades, the Lakota Wind Turbine produces the maximum energy available at the lowest cost per watt of any wind turbine in its size class.  For dealers, this translates into better profit margins when you install our quiet-running wind turbines.

Lakota Blades Rotate Quietly

Lakota Wind Turbines use Aeromag Stealth-Acoustic™ blade technology that virtually eliminates noise and safety concerns in residential communities.  Because the blades rotate quietly without noise in residential neighborhoods, no noise complaints have ever been received about the Lakota Wind Turbine.

The stiff, durable blades do not flutter to create noise in higher wind speeds because they are seven times stiffer than common steel, and 15 times stiffer than plastic.  The aerospace engineered Lakota Wind Turbine Generator uses virtually indestructible aerospace-grade unidirectional carbon fiber blades.™  Our aerospace-grade blades are designed for an infinite fatigue life in the field.

Lakota 1KW Wind Turbine Generator PRICE: $1389.97 


Safety Engineered Tower Kits                                                               

AEROMAX also offers certified*, safety-engineered Tilt-Up Tower Kits for mounting Lakota wind turbines.  Our aerospace-engineered Tilt-Up Tower Kits with compression coupling have a perfect safety record. (*RPE Certification No. 25905, State of California) 

We stock complete kits with all the guy wires and hardware necessary for a complete tower. We also have partial kits without wires... supply your own and save money








Heavy gauge anodized steel base and stainless steel base coupling ring





25 ' Tower Kits                                                               

47 ' Tower Kits                                                               

72 ' Tower Kits                                                               

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