RCH Fan Works DC  Ceiling Fans (NEXTEK)

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The Vari-Fan                                                                          

The Vari-Fan is a dual mount ceiling fan - close mount or down rod, 4 or 5 blade fan it's your choice. Every thing you need, comes in the box with the fan, how you mount it is your  decision.

Four or Five Blade Fan  Click For PRICE

Speed control for 12 or 24 Volt systems Click for PRICING


The Vari-Cyclone                                                                  


The Vari-Cyclone  is our latest addition to the the successful Vari-Fan line of DC powered ceiling fans.
The Vari-Cyclone's 60"fan blades, designed by the Florida Solar Energy Center in cooperation with a major fan manufacture, utilize "Gossamer Wind Technology" found only in AC powered ceiling fans until now.
RCH Fan works is the only manufacture of DC powered ceiling fans allowed to use these revolutionary new fan blades.
The "Gossamer Wind" blades allow the fan to produce up to 40% more air flow with no increase in power consumption. Making the
Vari-Cyclone the most energy efficient DC powered ceiling fan available.


Three Blade Model (all white) Click for PRICE

Four  Blade Model  (all white) Click for PRICE

Speed control for 12 or 24 Volt systems Click for PRICING


All models come with painting instructions should you choose to change the color of your fan.


DC Rated on/off Wall Switch 15 amp UL Listed really nice. Fits standard outlet box

PRICE: $40.97



Heavy Brass Switch cover for push button switch shown above, Top quality.

PRICE: $20.97



POWER KITS                                                                                   

Our kits can run your fan from a solar panel direct, for day time use only or through a battery if you need it to run in the evening as well.

Panel direct kit, includes a 10Watt Solar Module, rack for panel, and Compass PRICE: $239.97 Call 888-826-0939

Add  - battery and charge controller for night time use PRICE: $ 189.97 Call 888-826-0939

Add - Speed control for 24 Volt systems Click for PRICING

Add- Stainless Steel Kit For Humid Outdoor Use $20.00 Call 888-826-0939

Technical Information Both Models

The Vari-Fan and Vari-Cyclone are powered by a  permanent magnet, TENV motor, with long life brushes.

The Vari-Fan and Vari-Cyclone draws 0.4 amp @ 12vdc, and 1.25 amp @ 24vdc.

 At 12 vdc the 5 blade, 42 inch Vari-Fan will have approx. 60 rpm, moving 1500 CFM. when mounted at least 8 ft. above the floor in an open room.

 At 24 vdc the 5 blade Vari-Fan will have approx. 120 rpm, moving 2700 CFM. when mounted at least 8 ft. above the floor in an open room.

 At 12 vdc the 3 blade, 60 inch Vari-Cyclone will have approx. 60 rpm, moving 2500 CFM. When mounted at least 8 ft. above the floor in an open room.

At 24 vdc the 3 blade Vari-Cyclone will have approx. 120 rpm, moving 3400 CFM. When mounted at least 8 ft. above the floor in an open room. (Test have not yet been done on the 4 blade Vari-Cyclone)

 In a close mount installation both the Vari-Fan and the Vari-Cyclone blades are approx. 10 inches from the ceiling, when mounted with the accompanying down rod the Vari-Fan blades are approximately. 14 inches from the ceiling. The Vari-Cyclone blades will be approx. 24 inches from the ceiling.

 The Vari-Fan and Vari-Cyclone come with the complete hardware to mount the the fans close to the ceiling or on a down rod. The Vari-Fan comes with 5 blades but the customer can install it with four or five blades, it is drilled and tapped to take both configurations.

 The Vari-Cyclone must be ordered with either 3 or 4 blades.

With the Vari-Fan the main body parts come in black only, but the fan is very easy to paint and comes with instructions on how to paint it.

The Vari-Cyclone is available in painted (all white) or unpainted ( all main body parts are black, the blades and arms are white).

The Vari-Fan and Vari-Cyclone main body parts are made from injection molded, glass filled ABS plastic.

The Vari-Fan blade arms are cast metal with a shiny brass plated finish.

The Vari-Fan blades are wood with a light oak finish on one side, and a dark oak finish on the other.

The Vari-Cyclone blade arms are stamped steel with a baked on white enamel finish.

The Vari-Cyclone blades are injection molded  white ABS plastic.

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