Oasis Biocompatible Cleaning Products



Our Oasis line of products is fully biocompatible. This means you can use the resulting greywater to water your plants. The product actually breaks down into valuable plant nutrients. Oasis cleaners are suitable for both greywater, septic and municipal sewerage systems.

Most folks don't know that so-called biodegradable soap can actually be toxic to plants.

Remember this;


Oasis Biocompatible Super-Concentrated Laundry Liquid

An eighth to a quarter cup cleans effectively at all water temperatures, even in hard water. One gallon of Oasis yields more than 3,200 gallons of wash water which is safe for plants and fully reusable for irrigation. The special formula has no sodium salts.

Ingredients: Purified water, Linear alkyl sulfonate, linear alcohol ethoxylate, triethanolamine, d-Limonene.
Directions: Use 1oz. (1/8 cup) for front loader,  2 oz. (1/4 cup) for top loading machines. Use more for heavily soiled loads or large capacity washers. Always test for colorfastness by rubbing a small amount directly on a hidden part of the fabric. Rinse thoroughly and check.

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Oasis Biocompatible Dishwash/All Purpose Cleaner

For hand dishwashing, general cleaning and hand soap. Ideal for camping and travel, it can also be used for hand laundry or (at low dilution) body soap or shampoo. The special formula has no sodium salts.

Ingredients: Purified water, ammonium alkyl ether sulfate, linear alkyl sulfonate, d-Limonene.
Directions: Use sparingly.

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Oasis products contain no animal ingredients and are never tested on animals.


Something "bio-degradable" breaks down into pieces. These pieces may or may not be good for the environment. "Biocompatible" means the pieces are beneficial or not harmful to an environment.

Biocompatibility varies with the environment and what's good for the water may not be good for the land. Most cleaners, even "eco" cleaners, do not consider the special sensitivities of plants and soils and they are not designed for treatment and disposal in lakes and streams. Oasis Biocompatible cleaners are not only non-harmful for plants and soil, they biodegrade entirely into plant nutrients!

Oasis Biocompatible Laundry Detergent is designed and tested to be biocompatible with plants and soil, as well as for the disposal of treated wastewater in aquatic ecosystems. It is the best choice for septic tank disposal and the only choice for reusing wash water for irrigating plants, the most ecological alternative. Disposed of in a septic tank or greywater system, microorganisms and plant roots will biodegrade Oasis, removing the break down products and leave only pure water behind.

Cleaning Tips                                                                           

Use 1/8 to 1/4 cup. Always measure detergent to avoid waste. For best results, sort laundry by fabric type, color and the degree of soiling. Oasis is effective in hot or cold water.

Spot Removal

Spots may be pre-treated with full-strength Oasis. However, not all dyes are color fast, so always do a test where it won't show first!

Hand Laundry

Use one teaspoon per two gallons of water.

General Cleaning

Oasis Laundry Detergent may be used as a heavy duty all purpose cleaner for floors, toilet bowls, etc. Try a teaspoon of Oasis to a gallon of hot water.

Ecology Tips

Using cold water instead of hot save 80% of the energy used to do laundry. Drying on a clothesline save 100% of the energy used for drying, and drying uses more energy than washing in hot water! Gas dryers are about twice as efficient as electric. Hydrogen peroxide bleach is twice as expensive and half as effective as chlorine, but ecologically superior for plants and soils in a greywater system. Most chlorine bleach will be oxidized and rendered harmless when used in a normal septic or wastewater system. However, if you are using a greywater system, you don't want to use chlorine bleach! For best results, add hydrogen peroxide bleach at the beginning of the rinse cycle.

A note on allergies                                                                  

Because of the simple formulation of Oasis, it may be suitable for use by people with allergies. Check with your Doctor if you have any allergies to surfactants.


Oasis has been created to be virtually sodium free and is composed of water, Linear Alkyl Sulfonate, Linear Alcohol Ethoxylate , Triethanolamine , d-Limonene.

Biodegradation Products

Carbon dioxide, water and plant nutrients (6% potassium and 1% sulfur). No phosphate, sodium, plant toxins and will not make the soil alkaline.