Solar Gate Openers


These Solar Gate Openers should not be confused with the light duty do-it-your-self-er models out there on the market. The light duty models do cost almost the same as these heavy-duty models, but  make no mistake this is a heavy-duty professional unit. The 1000 series will handle a 500 pound gate and the 2000 series will handle a monster 1000 pound gate. Choose a swing in or out unit, or one of the slider units, either way they will last for years to come.

The GTO/PRO1000 (FM600)                                                                         

The GTO/PRO1000 (FM600 ) Is designed for home, ranch and light duty commercial use on single gates 3.5 ft. to 16 ft. in length and up to 500 lbs. (500lbs @10ft., 400lb. @12ft., 300lb. @14ft., 150lb. @16ft.). Like all GTO/PRO gate openers, the GTO/PRO1000 can be installed on gates that open in (pull-to-open), or that opens out (push-to-open). Solar option available order separately. Call 888-826-0939 and we will design the solar option to fit your location.

Push-to-open installations require additional hardware (see accessory list).

For Dual Gate Use also order the GTO/PRO1200 (FM602) Second Operator.


bullet Handles gates up to 16', up to 500lbs. each leaf (see Operational Capacity in description above).
bullet Heavy Duty 1000 Series Control Board provides adjustable auto closing: adjustable gate sequencing.
bullet Fully Systems capable; add on ready."
bullet Economical gate/post mount.
bullet Low Voltage, battery operated.
bullet Solar Option available.
bullet Accommodates push or pull-to-open installations. (Additional hardware is required to open out.)
bullet 2 Year Limited Manufacture Warranty.
bullet Low cost.


bullet Will handle most residential and light commercial installations.
bullet Adjustable obstruction sensing and auto close features for maximum safety.
bullet "add-on ready" control board allows more options and reduces installation time and expense.
bullet No pads to pour; quick, easy, year round installation.
bullet Safe, Inexpensive to install. Up to 1000' of low voltage wire can be used to power gate; battery provides 20 to 50 cycles of operation in event of a power failure.
bullet Ideal for remote locations or difficult terrains.
bullet Increased number of applications. Allows operator to be installed on inside of gate, which enhances safety and decreases liability.

Inexpensive option compared to hard-wired AC operators.

FM 600 Single Gate Opener PRICE: $497.97

FM 602 Second Operator PRICE: $299.97

Remember we have a low price guarantee.



Solar option available order separately. Call 888-826-0939 and we will design the solar option to fit your location. Handles gate up to 20' long, and up to 1000 lbs. each leaf, for single or double gates. Super Heavy Duty 2000 Series Control Board provides adjustable obstruction sensing in both open and close modes, adjustable auto closing, and gate sequencing. Heavy duty, continuous cycle transformer. Fully systems capable "add on ready". Compatible with a variety of accessories.

Stainless Steel Arm with optional mounting brackets available for different size posts. Accommodates push or pull to open installations as a standard feature. Improved limit switch design. Extreme resistance to lightning and static, dependable, versatile and affordable. Excellent for heavy traffic areas, continuous duty use. Provides safe economical low voltage operation. Versatile and less expensive to install. Provides more options, works with all accessories, or any accessory that will work with a 12 volt system or has its own power supply. Economical, no need to run power to gate with Solar application. Ideal for remote applications. Fully adjustable to opening and closing cycles.

TWO YEAR WARRANTY. Included are the Operating arm, control board with enclosure, battery, receiver, AC power supply, mounting brackets, warning signs and installation/manual. Other accessories available see below. For Dual Gate operation order the GTO/PRO 2200 (FM2200) option.

FM 2000 HD Single Gate Opener PRICE: $669.97

FM 2200 HD Second Operator PRICE: $459.97

Remember we have a low price guarantee.


GTO/PRO Sliding Gate Opener Dual or Single Gate                                    


The FMS 1000 DC sliding gate opener can work on single gates or in conjunction with the optional FMS 1200 Slide Operator Slave for dual gates. If you are installing dual gates order both.

The FMS 1000B DC with brake for dual or single gates. Why a brake? Security, the brake will prevent some gorilla from muscling the gate open, as slide gates cannot be reasonably locked with a locking mechanism. If security is an issue for you order the unit with brake.

If you need a thousand pound capacity gate opener we offer the 2000 series openers too, both with and without brakes please call toll free 888-826-0939 for pricing.

FMS1000 DC PRICE: $848.97

FMS1200 DC PRICE: $729.97

FMS1000B DC PRICE: $969.97

FMS1200B DC PRICE: $825.97

Remember we have a low price guarantee.

Necessary Items for Custom Gate Opener Installations

Hawaii Orders: DC Swing Gate Operators, Slide Gate Operators and Accessories can be shipped via USPS Mail at a tremendous savings over UPS.

Number   Description Price
RB101 GTO/PRO Door Bell Button Entry $14.97
RB741 GTO/PRO Single Button Entry Transmitter - Remote $19.97
RB 744 GTO/PRO Mini Transmitter Single Button $19.97
F 300 GTO/PRO Digital Keypad Wired or Wireless 15 User Code $67.97
CP2-100 Exit Wand Sensor w/100ft Cable $159.97
CP2-200 Exit Wand Sensor w/200ft Cable $169.97
RB 975 GTO/PRO Master Security Pin Lock Pro1000/1200 & DC Slider $21.97
FM 318 GTO/PRO Master Security Pin Lock Kit, A/C Slide Covers $47.97
FM 500 GTO/PRO Bulldog Walk-Through Gate Lock $129.97
SX5W BP SX5, 5 watt solar panel kit with Mounting Rack for 2" pipe $129.97
SX10W BP SX10, 10 watt solar panel kit with Mounting Rack for 2" pipe $165.97
SGMP GTO/PRO SL 1000 & SL2000 Concrete Mounting Pad/Plate $79.97
C12515 4" Wheel Assy. w/ 1.5" Spacers & Carriage $49.97
C12520 4" Wheel Assembly with 2" Spacers & Carriage $49.97
C12525 4" Wheel Assembly w/ 2.5" Spacers & Carriage $49.97
C12715 6" Wheel Assembly w/ 1.5" Spacers & Carriage $103.97
C12720 6" Wheel Assy. w/ 2" Spacers & Carriage $103.97
CL12725 6" Wheel Assy. w/2.5" Spacers & Carriage $103.97
CL12240 4" Cantilever Wheel Assembly $54.97
CL2250 6" Cantilever Wheel Assembly $99.97
CL2300 Guide Roller Assembly $42.97
RE 1 Linear Residential/Commercial Phone Entry System Nickel $899.97
AK 1 Linear Digital Keypad, 480 Users, Outdoor Rated $188.97
AP 4 Linear Access Pro Receiver w/Antenna for blocked or individual transmitters' keypads) $92.97
MT 31B Linear Single Button Mini Transmitter (Factory Blocked) $23.97
MT1B Linear Single Button Visor Transmitter w/clip (Factory Block Coded) $23.97
RCBWC Linear Black/White Camera w/ IFR for Night Vision (field mounts in RE-1) $199.97
CP2 100 Cartel Exit Wand - Sensor 100' cable $155.97
RB 570 Transformer, 18 Volt/49VA, Pro2000 & FMS1000 - FMS2000 - UL Only $39.97
PM 1212 Battery, 12 Volt, 12 Amp Hr. for Operator Pro1000 & Mighty Mule FM700 - FM702 $17.97
PM 1218 Battery, 12 Volt, 18 Amp Hour Extra-Duty $37.97
PM 1226 Battery, 12 Volt, 26 Amp Hour Extended Duty $59.97
NL 3000 NEW LINE NL3000 Monitoring, Intercom System $559.97
IRE 35 NEW LINE IRE35 Photoelectric Beam Outdoor up to 35' $89.97
IRE 200 NEW LINE IRE-200 Photoelectric Beam Outdoor up to 200' $119.97


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