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Purchasing a stock tank for a soaking tub can give a person a feeling of warm satisfaction...  like beating the system, because in a sense you have! And remember don’t think too big. This style of tub naturally has cozier legroom.

Each person does not need 20 sq. ft. of space to be comfortable; after all, this is a communal affair and more enjoyable that way. The smaller the tub, the faster it heats and the easier it is to drain.


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We recommend using a  350 gallon Stock Tank for your hot tub because... they are a good size, inexpensive, easy to drain and easy to clean and sanitize. If you just need a personal or very intimate size tub the 100 gal or the 155 gal will do just fine.

What is a stock tank?

Stock tanks are large, flat-bottomed vessels, designed for watering livestock. They range in size from 35 to 700 gallons. As might be expected, they’re well-made and durable, having to stand up to horses and cattle. They’re designed for years of service out in the weather. And for people who love soaking tubs, they’re a gift from heaven!

If you don't care for the look of a galvanized steel tank tub, well... we don't either, that is why we sell these beautiful, inexpensive and colorful molded UV resistant tubs. These tough tubs will far outlast any galvanized tanks you could buy. They are the number-one choice of all our customers by far. If you wish you can build a deck around this tub for ease of entry.

Plastic stock tanks

Plastic stock tanks are becoming increasingly popular for use as soaking tubs. Made of UV-resistant polyethylene, they range in depth from 24-25 inches. Typically, the top edge has a 2-inch-diameter rolled rim that’s very comfortable under the neck. Plastic stock tanks are made with sloping sides with angled steps for stiffening, which makes insulating them more difficult. However, people who prefer these tanks have improvised ways to make them work.

TUB FEATURES                                                                                                               

        Hot Tub Colors


Available in Ash, Forest Green, Blue, Red, and Tan.


Comes with molded in aluminum drain plug to prevent leaking.


Constructed with FDA & UV approved, recyclable food grade plastic.


Rotational molding insures uniform thickness and incredible strength for maximum durability and longevity!


5 year warranty.

Useful statistics for stock tank soaking tubs                                            

Size & Shape Capacity
Approximate Heating Time
(Chofu wood-fired)
Approximate Heating Time
(Chofu propane)
4 ft Oval 2 100 gals 1 1/3 hours 1 1/2 hours
4.5 ft Oval 2 to 3 155 gals 2 hours 2 1/4 hours
6 ft round 6 350 gals 4 1/2 hours 4 3/4 hours
8' ft round 8 700 gals 6 hours 6 hours

100 Gallon Oval Tub any color 52" length x 32" width x 24" height  Weight: 32 lbs     PRICE: Click Here

155 Gallon Oval Tub any color 54" length x 46" width x 24" height  Weight: 38 lbs      PRICE: Click Here

350 Gallon Round Tub any color 52" diameter x 25" height  Weight: 78lbs               PRICE: Click Here

700 Gallon Round Tub any color Includes fork lift pockets in bottom. Too large for a hot tub because it takes about 10 hours to heat up. Makes a great stock tank 96" diameter x 25" height Weight: 117lbs           PRICE: Click Here

Shipping (1) 700 gallon tank is usually not feasible because the freight is more than the cost of the tank. Please ask us if we have a location that you can pick this up at, OR ship  2 or more tanks  at once for great shipping savings!


Stock Tanks Used for Soaking Tubs                                                                             

A lot of folks have discovered how easy it is to create a soaking tub using a common (but very functional) agricultural stock tank. Combined with an efficient Chofu heater, these low-cost plastic tubs make wonderful soaking tubs. They have a pleasing smooth surface, the perfect shoulder depth water, and a comfortable rounded top rim for a perfect neck rest.

The fact is, a lot of people really prefer the simplicity of a soaking tub, rather than a high-maintenance spa. For those who have longed for, but could never find, a simple, low cost soaking tub, this is it. And – please understand! – a stock tank soaking tub does NOT have to look crude or tacky. You can make it as attractive as you want by adding a cedar frame, a surrounding deck, a wooden screen, and so on.

Stock tanks equipped with a Chofu heater are especially practical for vacation homes where electricity is not available and where the tub might sit unused for months at a time. With a stock tank soaking tub, you can easily disconnect and store the Chofu heater, while leaving the stock tank outside without worry.

Advantages of stock tank soaking tubs:

  1. Since they’re low volume and heated on demand, these tubs can be frequently and easily drained, making sanitation a whole lot easier. (See our page “Non-Toxic Sanitizing”.)

  2. They’re lightweight and easy to move.

  3. Simple! Since the system is non-electric and has no moving parts, there are no ongoing repairs or maintenance.

  4. Stock tanks are a great buy – depending on size, between $70 and $200.


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