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Used Solar Panels


This page contains pre-owned modules and module racks. They are being offered for sale as is All sales are final.

As most of this equipment is being offered for sale by our customers, thru and not by The Solar Biz, we have no first hand knowledge of the actual condition of the equipment. Most of the equipment has been used in our customers systems and is being removed because they are either expanding their system and trading up to new equipment, or they are moving and selling off their systems.

All in all, you can get a really good deal if this equipment is what you need. In some instances the modules listed are no longer available from any other source, so if you need to add to an older existing system and new panels your size are now discontinued, you have found a treasure trove, at bargain pricing.

Current thinking is that modules (good ones) will probably last 60 or more years. So 10 or more year old modules have plenty of power left.

Available - A very large quantity of Used SP75 Siemens 75 watt modules            

A STEAL at 39 cents a watt

We have come across a very large quantity of Used Siemens SP75, 75 watt Solar Modules, and we're blowing these out at thirty nine cents a watt. Available in just about any quantity you want (we have over 5000)

By the each, they're UPS-able, but for any quantity Truck Freight is going to be way cheaper. While there is no guarantee, you should be able to get many good years out of these babies.

So if you're on a tight budget... this may be the answer for you. They are being offered for sale, as is All sales are final.

The Siemens Solar 75-watt 17.0-volt, 4.4 amps is a powerful solar panel, providing reliable, renewable energy as an alternative to noisy and expensive diesel, propane and gas generators. When it comes to reliable and environmentally friendly generation of electrical power from sunlight, solar modules from Siemens provide a great solution.

Manufactured in compliance with the most stringent quality standards, the SP75 solar panels are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and are characterized by their long service life. These solar panels are factory configured for 12V operation but may be field configured for 6V.

47.25" x 20.75" x 1.25" Weight 17 Lbs.

Sold by the each any quantity SIE-10075 PRICE: $29.97 plus shipping. CLICK HERE to ORDER


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