Radiant Floor Heating - The Ultimate In Comfort

The desire for comfort is a basic human wish and nothing delivers comfort better than radiant floor heating. Imagine your body surrounded by a cozy warmth that radiates up from the floor. Radiant floor heating heats your body and objects, not the air. The warmth stays down around the floor where it is needed most. It is not wasted at the ceiling or lost to the outdoors whenever a door or window is opened.

As early as 60 A.D., the Romans discovered the best way to heat an enclosed space is to introduce heat below the floor surface and let it radiate upward through the floor into the structure. This basic concept remains true today, and the tremendous advances in Wirsbo technology has brought radiant floor heating into modern times.

It's simple...floors become large, mild radiators resulting in warm friendly floors. The systems circulate warm water through the flexible yet durable Wirsbo PEX tubing that can be installed underneath virtually any type of flooring material--wood, tile, even carpet. There are systems to meet every need and budget from Radiant Ready to Radiant Exclusive. Installation is fast and easy.

The lower water temperatures needed for a radiant floor heating system mean lower thermostat settings which saves on monthly heating bills. In addition, zoning gives you room by room temperature control allowing you to place the heat where you want it.

So many benefits with Radiant Floor Heating...

bulletSuperior Comfort - Consistent, steady heat all winter long remaining near the floor where you are. It is a very desirable cool head, warm feet environment.
bulletWarm floors in kitchens and bathrooms. Beautiful wood and marble floors are even more enjoyable because they are now warm.
bulletEfficiency - Because people are in direct contact with the heat source, they are comfortable at a lower thermostat setting. Energy savings between 20 to 40% result.
bulletZoning Ability - Radiant floor heating provides room by room temperature control, allowing more heat where you want it most.
bulletDecorating Freedom - because the system is encased in the floor, furnishings can be placed wherever you desire without concern for impairing heat distribution or hiding unsightly heating appliances. In addition, Wirsbo radiant floor heating systems can be installed under any type of flooring, including wood, tile, concrete and carpet.
bulletClean and draft-free - there are no noisy fans to blow dust and allergens around your home. Because the floors are warm, they dry quicker after mopping.
bulletRadiant Floor Heating Adds Value To The Home - Radiant floor heating can immediately increase the value of your home. Installing Wirsbo tubing in slab or basement applications allows you to turn cold, damp areas into warm cozy living space - taking full advantage of all the available square footage in your home.
bulletWith proper design and insulation, the benefits of a Wirsbo radiant floor heating system are many. It's easy to see why more and more people are choosing superior comfort and efficiency for their homes and families.

Why is radiant floor so comfortable?

 The human body has its own hydronic heating system. Heat is distributed to the body through blood pumped from the heart. The first priority of the body's heating system is to maintain central body core temperature. From there, blood is sent to the extremities. Since the feet are the farthest from the central body core, they are the last to get heat and the first to recognize the discomfort of a cold environment.

Where the body's hydronic heat system fails, radiant floor excels. Radiant floor applies direct conductive heat to the feet (most of us have our feet on the floor), and to objects in the room that in turn re-radiate heat. Because radiant floor directly addresses the heat loss of the human body through conduction, people are typically comfortable at a lower thermostat setting -- around 65 ° F. This is another reason why radiant floor is so energy efficient.

The common forced air systems heat air, not objects, and warm air is often lost through the walls and ceiling. Radiant floor heating heats the objects in the room so heat is not wasted. Hot air heating systems do not distribute heat where the body needs it most, leaving structures with drafts and high heat loss.

Wirsbo PEX tubing choices...

Wirsbo offers two types of PEX tubing for radiant floor heating applications: Wirsbo-hePEX™ plus is oxygen diffusion barrier tubing. hePEX™ plus is designed for use in closed loop hydronic radiant panel heat transfer (radiant floor, radiant ceiling and snow-melt) and distribution systems. Corrodible components may be used in the hePEX™ plus circulating loop.

bulletWirsbo-hePEX™ plus is manufactured and listed to ASTM F876 as certified by Hauser Laboratories and the National Sanitation Foundation.
bullethePEX™ plus is rated at 73.4° F at 160 psi, 180 ° F at 100 psi and 200 ° F at 80 psi. These pressure and temperature ratings are issued by the Hydrostatic Design Stress Board of PPI (Plastic Pipe Institute). PPI is a division of the Society of Plastics Industry (SPI).
bulletWirsbo-hePEX™ plus tubing is available in 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1" nominal inside diameter.
bulletAQUAPEX tubing is cross-linked polyethylene tubing with no oxygen diffusion barrier for use in open, or open-loop hydronic panel heating systems and hot and cold potable water systems operating at sustained temperatures up to 73.4° F at 160 psi, 180° F at 100 psi and 200 ° F at 80 psi. Corrodible components must not be used in AQUAPEX circulating loops.
bulletAQUAPEX is manufactured and listed to ASTM F876, F877, and F1960 as certified by Hauser Laboratories and the National Sanitation Foundation.
bulletAQUAPEX is available in 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2"  nominal inside diameter.


bullet25 Year Warranty
bulletImmediately Increases Value of the Home
bulletFewer Dust Particles
bulletFurniture Placement Not Dictated by Vents
bulletNo More Cold Drafts
bulletWarm and Friendly Floors
bulletLower Energy Bills
bulletRoom by Room Temperature Control